Jodie glanced back at Adam for a moment, before lifting her hand and softly rapping her knuckles on the door. "Connor, mate, can you open up for me please?" she asked. [[I decided to do Jodie because she deals best with kids and teens]]


Connor could barely breathe. The funeral had been a few days ago now, but he hadn’t left his room since they’d got back. He was still in the dress shirt and pants from the day. His eyes were red raw, but he had no more tears left to cry now - he’d cried almost non-stop since the day Olivia had passed. 
At the knock his head snapped up, eyes wide, wild and unseeing. The world was nothing but a disjointed mess on a good day, colours and words and people not quite adding up, but Connor hadn’t had a good day in a while. “J-Jo?”

Jodie leaned against the door, having a feeling that she was probably going to be standing there for a while. “Yeah, it’s me, Connor.” She paused for a moment, thinking about how she should go on, before continuing. “You wanna open up, or is this good?”





"Why do I get the feeling that you don’t believe me?"


❝Because I don’t.❞

"Why don’t you believe me?!"



Jodie glanced over at Ailiana, a slightly confused look on her face. The redhead still hadn’t changed — she hadn’t even showered yet! — so why was this girl suddenly so eager to leave?

"Uh… give me five minutes, and I’ll be done in the shower," she told her. "If you want, you can wait in my room so that you don’t have to listen to the crep at the door?" she suggested.

Ailiana nodded nervously, glancing back to the door. Could they wait five more minutes? She sighed:  it would have to do.

"Can I do anything that will help you get done fast?" she offered.

Jodie could see that she was a little antsy, and she raised an eyebrow at her, before shaking her head. “Nothing except wait in my room patiently… maybe pick me out a t-shirt or something?” she suggested as she turned to head up the stairs. “Come on.”





"Did you actually think we would have been on our way to friendship?" she asked him incredulously, her fists unfurling as she folded her arms, unintentionally matching his stance. "I’d rather die, wine spawn. All offense intended."


"Such a pity," He drawled, sarcasm evident in his voice. "Do you realize how much I’d miss you, you lil’ shit? ‘Cause I’d miss you very, very much. Honestly, I would not be able to bear it.”

Jodie could literally see the sarcasm dripping from what he saidsaid and she scoffed, rolling her eyes at him dramatically. “Oh really? Maybe I should just keep you alive and torture you, then. That would be so much easier.”



Jodie just smirked at the rolling of his eyes from her spot upup on the counter, and then put her finger to her chin in thought. “Hmmm… how about you pick?” she suggested. “You’re the one that got punched. I say it’s a little ‘Get Well Soon’ gift from me. Like, hope your face doesn’t stay purple for long or whatever.” Honestly, she was having way too much fun making fun of the fact that he had a bruise on his face.

Damon rolled his eyes again and held back a quirky smile. “You’re going to have a purple face in a second if you don’t shut up…” He smirked jokingly and opened the menu. “Okay, I guess that settles it. We’re getting a small pizza with extra anchovies and you’re paying…” He smiled up at her and leaned his elbow on the counter, joking around with her a bit.

Jodie grinned at the playful threat. “Eh, I prefer green. Could you do that for me?” she teased as she watched him pick fromfrom the menu. As soon as he said ‘anchovies’, she gasped, only to gasp more when he said that she was paying. “Oh no — not the anchovies!” she cried out dramatically.

baybayelmo whispered:
"Please... Don't let me die...." I pleaded as I laid on the floor, clutching my stab wound in my side. Blood was slowly pooling out of me, adding to the blood from the gash on my forehead. blood streaked my honey brown hair as fear glazed my jade green eyes. My small body was frail and pale from the blood loss as I stood at a small 5"1.




Jodie stared down at her with wide eyes, before kneeling down and beginning to apply pressure to the wound. That was all she knew to do in a situation like this. With her other hand, she dialled for an ambulance.

When Bailey woke up, Jodie had fallen asleep by the bed, snoring slightly with her mouth open, and there was a blanket draped over her.

My eyes snapped open and I found myself in a place I didn’t know, letting out a sudden scream.

As soon as she heard the scream, Jodie bolted up, eyes wide as she looked around, searching for an attack. “Wha…?”


A Demigod Meeting


Jodie couldn’t help but pity the guy slightly. So, no friends, and probably no family either, and now there were people bullying him as well? That was just plain mean. “That’s bullying,” she muttered as she looked down at her feet. “You… you should’ve told Chiron. It’s not fair.”

She looked back up at him, narrowing her eyes slightly. “Why don’t you stand up for yourself? You’re a demigod — you must be strong enough. And you’re a son of Zeus! You could… strike them all down with lightning or something crazy like that!” she exclaimed.

Nick sighed and shook his head. “That would just be me versus the whole camp,” he said. “They’d probably kill me on accident with that.”

He was good to say something else when a group of guys walked past, throwing rocks at him as they went. That was the last straw though. Nick sent his hand back, using a gust of wind to throw them against a wall. He was trying not to get angry but his eyes were getting darker and filling with small flashes of lightning as he got up and approached them. He didn’t even have to say anything for the group to get scared, the changes from a nice, ignored Nick to a mean, well-known one were scarier than any words that could be said by anyone.

Jodie probably would have said something to try and convince Nick that it wasn’t his fault, and that he should probably at least try to tell Chiron, but that was when they were oh so rudely interrupted by those passersby. By the time she turned to glare at them, however, they were already pressed against the wall, cowering as Nick approached them — and he looked pretty angry.

"Uh, Nick…?" Jodie stood, slowly moving towards him. "What are you doing…?"




London’s always fucking gray, but at least it’s not raining today, Blade thought to himself as he walked on the sidewalk path through a park.  Sheath was off on a heist he didn’t need Blade for, and without his partner or anything to do, he decided to decompress and take a walk, something he always enjoyed doing. 

On his right were a few fields where people were playing various sports, and on his left were children playing on a playground, laughing and running without a care in the world.  He envied them, but it amused him to since they were all completely unaware of the monster walking right in the midst of them.

He shook his head at the irony, holding a finger out as he watched a bright yellow and black butterfly come towards him.  It landed, and he couldn’t help but shake his head, “You too, huh?  You just don’t get how dangerous I am either.”

"Of course I can do it!"

Amongst the kids on the playground, a small group of teens stood about, seemingly chatting — doing nothing dangerous or irritating. Or, at least, that’s what it seemed like.

In the middle of the group stood the shortest of them all — a redheaded teenage girl, with shoulder-length hair and bright green eyes, tossing a soccer ball back and forth between her hands. She seemed to be smirking slightly, looking up at the various people around her as she spoke with them.

One of the people standing around her raised an eyebrow. “Oh, really? So you’re telling me that you can boot this ball all the way to the rugby field?”

She shrugged a little, still grinning slightly. “Yeah, sure. Watch.” She pushed the others away, clearing herself some space, before taking a couple of steps back and booting the ball…

…right into the leg of the man walking on the path that ran down the middle of the park fields.

[[Okay, maybe I should have mentioned that I’m back…?]]

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